Leuzea MAX Leuzea MAX - 100% NATURAL tеstоstеrоnе BOOSTER


tеstоstеrоnе BOOSTER

For more strength, desire and endurance



790 reviews stated that regular intake for 1 month led to significant muscle gain

Leuzea MAX

The highly concentrated next-generation extract:

  • INCREASES tеstоstеrоnе LEVELS SAFETY to give a big and instant boost of energy
  • GUARANTEES PEAK ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE stimulating the muscle growth process

“ I completely give up anabolic steroids! Drinking this before my workouts, It boosts my energy levels to the max. It is phenomenal! ”
Tom Davis

  • PREMIUM quality sourced
  • SCIENTIFICALLY extracted
  • MAXIMUM concentrated
A man hitting a punching bag A man hitting a punching bag.

Enjoy 100% natural tеstоstеrоnе BOOSTER

Leuzea Max is the most highly concentrated maral extract on the market that maintains healthy hormone levels in a completely safe way.

It reverses the symptoms of low tеstоstеrоnе in the long run. By choosing Leuzea,medal-winning athletes achieve very high and even record-breaking results with no need of taking banned and harmful stimulants.

The extract increases their energy level naturally, as it is a highly effective tеstоstеrоnе booster with NO side effects.

Designed for prolonged use, it provides the desired effects safely and instantly.

1 bottle of Leuzea Max (100 ml) contains:
Leuzea root extract, water, ethanol.

  • only 3 ml once a day to unlock your maximum potential
  • upgrade your body & health in as little as 30 days

As the body's tеstоstеrоnе production is increased from the very first intake, expect a burst of power from day one.

You are going to:

Improve your energy levels

Increase your muscle strength

Enhance your stamina


Soon the tеstоstеrоnе is significantly elevated, and the protein absorption is accelerated.

You are going to:

Retain less fat

Start gaining muscle faster

Become lean


In less than a month, your tеstоstеrоnе levels are raised to the maximum. You are reaching your full masculine potential.

You are going to:

Have bigger and sculpted muscles

Experience better overall performance

Enjoy high levels of desire

after 28

A study among men between the ages of 18 and 74 has shown that regular intake of Leuzea Max liquid extract leads to:

Up To 95% Muscle Strength Increase **

Up To 83% Stamina Improvement **

Up To 75% Higher Levels Of tеstоstеrоnе Production **

** Individual results may vary depending on factors such as dosage, duration of use, combination use, product storage, diet, genetic background, etc.
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Boost T-Levels To Gain Muscles Fast

What does tеstоstеrоnе do to a man?

High tеstоstеrоnе levels are related to increased muscular mass, greater energy, weight control, and enhanced desire.

Low tеstоstеrоnе has a number of undesirable side effects, including muscle mass loss, reduced sensual appetite, poor recovery and depression.



Despite the fact that the hormone decreases with maturity, men of all ages experience low tеstоstеrоnе levels due to leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Top 5 Causes Of Low tеstоstеrоnе

  • Being under or overweight
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Stress
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption
  • Genetics

Top 5 Ways To Increase tеstоstеrоnе

  • Take Leuzea Max regularly
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Minimize stress
  • Stop smoking, reduce alcohol consumption
  • Maintain physical activities



How does it WORK

 Leuzea (maral) plant

Leuzea Max is a 100% natural liquid extract obtained from the Leuzea (maral) plant roots. It contains many antioxidant flavonoids and natural sterols, including 20-Hydroxyecdysone-a powerful substance that significantly increases protein production. Stimulating the increase of muscle mass, the substance enhances the production of muscle tissue while decreasing body fat in athletes of all levels.

Leuzea (Rhaponticum carthamoides) is a perennial plant known to have first appeared in North-Central Asia, in the ancient and powerful Mongol Empire territories. Legends say that Genghis Khan, the supreme ruler of the Mongols and one of the greatest conquerors of all time, gave extracts from the plant to all warriors of his invincible army before every battle. Thanks to the remarkable properties of Leuzea to provide a big boost of energy and long-lasting power, Genghis Khan is still known as the Mongol warlord who almost conquered the world. Now that men are not fighting to invade territories, they still need a surge of long-lasting power to conquer every obstacle of modern life. Now men still need Leuzea! Leuzea Max is in a form of a liquid as the liquids have faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates, and are more easily digestible. Rich in active substances & antioxidants, Leuzea Max has a beneficial effect on overall well-being as it:

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  • Reinforces healthy hormone balance
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Protects against intoxication
  • Improves immune system
 Leuzea (maral) plant

T-Boosters vs.
Leuzea Max

A table that compares Ineffective T-Boosters vs. Leuzea Max

Enjoy the highly- effective natural T-booster to:

Achieve Visible Results

Improve Your Masculine Performance Naturally

Build Muscles Safely

*No Needles, no prescriptions, no messing with the law.

Forget about:

Common Food Supplements. They bring little or no effect

Anabolic Steroids. Packed with "dirty" & prohibited ingredients, they bring irreversible side effects

Hormone Therapy.The complex procedures may bring fatal results

*NB: The synthetic substances withdrawal leads to acute physical harm due to the sharply reduced ability of the body to reproduce tеstоstеrоnе on its own.

By far the best tеstоstеrоnе booster I’ve experienced. Since taking the extract, the effect of my daily strength training has multiplied. I no longer take any synthetic supplements that drove me to insomnia. Works seamlessly. Andy Hill

Thanks to this highly-effective extract, I saved my relationship. My boyfriend used to be obsessed with round-the-clock bodybuilding, we didn't have time for each other. I gave him Leuzea Max and he felt reborn. He continues to train, but the effect of fitness is greater and we have time to spend together. Tina Lister

I am greatly impressed! This will definitely aid you with mass and strength gains! I started doing some research on test boosters but was hesitant to try anything due to some of the negative side effects. It didn't take long to come across Leuzea Max considering the reviews. Phil Hensley

Quitting steroids was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I became severely depressed and even thought of suicide. Thanks to Leuzea, I quickly restored high levels of natural tеstоstеrоnе in the body. I haven't taken ANYTHING for more than 3 months and I feel great. Irwin Rumler

  • Powerful tеstоstеrоnе booster
  • Visible Increase in Muscle Growth
  • Significantly Faster Recovery
  • Fat Deposits Reduction
A man performing abdominal presses with a medicine ball A man performing abdominal presses with a medicine ball.

Tribulus MAX

Tribulus MAX

(100 ml): the maximum extract concentration in just 1 dose provokes an accelerated increase in tеstоstеrоnе levels.

Enhance your results: Combine potent natural T-boosters. Аccelerate tеstоstеrоnе production to the max so you can reach your goals faster.

Male triceps Male triceps

Magnesium with B Complex

Magnesium with B Complex

(30 caps) / 1 daily dose contains

Magnesium Citrate 1000 mg, Vitamins B1, B6, and B12

(30 caps) / 1 daily dose contains

Magnesium Citrate 1000 mg, Vitamins B1, B6, and B12

Magnesium Citrate is absorbed more easily and faster than any other form of magnesium. This makes it highly effective for muscle recovery and muscle function enhancement.

  • Speeds up your muscle recovery
  • Protects your muscles from cramps, spasms, and injuries
  • Improves your energy levels
Magnesium with B Complex

Enhance your muscle performance


  • Who is Leuzea Max suitable for?
  • Leuzea MAX - 100% NATURAL tеstоstеrоnе BOOSTER

    If you’re a man and over 18, then Leuzea Max is for you. Raising your tеstоstеrоnе levels will help you if you’re Struggling to build muscle or just want to improve your results in the gym; Lacking stamina & good male performance; Fighting stress & anxiety
  • How long does Leuzea Max take to work?
  • The benefits of Leuzea Max can be felt almost immediately after taking the extract. Only after a month it optimizes the tеstоgеn levels. The highly concentrated extract acts with accumulation, regular intake leads to the best results.
  • What will Leuzea Max do for me?
  • It naturally improves your tеstоstеrоnе levels. This will make you look and feel great with increased energy levels and improved stamina. Increasing your tеstоstеrоnе levels results in a huge range of benefits. It’ll give you: More energy; More strength; Weight loss; Stronger bones; Elevated mood; Greater potency; Lower blood pressure; Improved cardiovascular health; Control blood sugar levels; Optimal prostate health; Skin tighter and healthier, Enhanced cognitive function.
  • Is it safe?
  • Leuzea Max is completely safe for consumption with no known side effects reported, as it is 100% natural extract. Do not contain any harmful substances. Do not require a doctor’s prescription.
  • What makes Leuzea Max different from other tеstоstеrоnе products?
  • Leuzea is a 100% natural tеstоstеrоnе booster with no side effects. It is more effective than synthetic, dangerous, supplements. At the same time, the extract differs from other natural methods of bodybuilding because it is highly concentrated and taken in liquid form. The consistency is derived from the root of the multibeneficial plant using a new generation technology.

Customer reviews

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Based on 319 Reviews+ review




These natural tеstоstеrоnе boosters have been very helpful in the process of muscle building. I am very pleased with the result and I am sure I will continue to use it in the future.

Joseph Franklin LEUZEA MAX x5


I've been using Leuzea for around 4 weeks, and I notice my clothes are fitting tighter around my shoulders, chest, and biceps. It seems that this product is really a game-changer and works even for naturally skinny guys like me.



I can feel the difference. It has been around 3 weeks since I started taking Leuzea and Tribulus Double MAX Stack every day, and I can conform that it works. I will keep using it!

Rowan Motley LEUZEA MAX x5


I’ve started taking Leuzea MAX because I wanted to get ripped in the natural way! To tell the truth, I am disgustеd at anabolic steroids, and the young people who put their health at stake just to gain some muscle mass.
I am a 32 years old man and I’ve been using Leuzea for a month, and even though I already enjoy great results. I am more lean and I have bigger muscle definition. To tell you the truth, Leuzea MAX is the right and healthy choice!

Jose Washington LEUZEA MAX x3


It’s awesome! I feel so energetic, active, and tireless. The delivery is quick, the price, I think, is affordable!

Ricardo Richardson LEUZEA MAX x3 & TRIBULUS


I started using the combination of both products not long time ago. Seems to work.



I’ve been taking both products regularly for 2 weeks now. I take Leuzea in the morning and Tribulus after working out. I feel energized and gained some muscle definition.

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